Preparation before session 1

Preparation for online session 1

Before the first online session we ask you to carefully read the practical information provided and test your connection to Adobe Connect. The practical information about software and the learning trajectory  can be found here. Although it will be helpful for you read the compulsory reading on corporate accountability frameworks before the first online session, this not required.

Test connection to Adobe Connect

We will be using the online software system Adobe Connect for the virtual classrooms. You can test your connection to Adobe connect via this link. , see also the practical information page for testing audio trouble shooting. Before attending the first virtual classroom, please watch this video.

Change your password

For maximum internet security, please change the password that was given to you in the welcome email. You can change password through the

Upload a profile photo

To make the online experience a bit more person, we ask you to upload a photo of yourself and write a short description about yourself and your job in your personal profile. You can find the option to change your personal details under the heading “My courses” and then “My personal profile”. You will also be asked to briefly introduce yourself during the first session.


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